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African American Mutual Funds
The Black Wealth Network is your 'one stop shop' for African American investing opportunities. We have secured agreements with the leading African American managed mutual funds and made them readily accessible through a convenient, all-electronic investing platform. In addition, using these mutual funds, our money managers have created several different allocations, which are designed to match the unique goals of individual investors. These unique Managed Advisory Allocations are only available through the Black Wealth Network (please click here for more information about the specific underlying Mutual Funds). Invest towards early retirement, your child's education, a new home or business, or any goal you choose. Our unique online "Assessment Wizard" assists you in choosing an account type and investment that's suitable for your specific goals, and our professional money managers will oversee your investments on your behalf.

In addition, Black Wealth Network members can further contribute to their financial goals by receiving cash rebates that are transferred to their Black Wealth Network investments when they shop online.

So, join the Black Wealth Network today and invest in African American managed mutual funds through a financial services provider that understands and can address the unique needs of the Black community.
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Low Cost and Affordable
Research has shown that African Americans have largely been left out of wealth building opportunities due to a variety of factors, including financial barriers such as high minimum investment requirements, high transaction fees, and high commissions. The Black Wealth Network has reduced these barriers so that everyone can participate. As a Black Wealth Network member, you will enjoy unlimited investments in no-load mutual funds without paying any transaction costs or commissions, and without having to meet the mutual fund's standard minimum investment requirements. In addition, you'll enjoy access to professional advisors, educational materials, monthly newsletters, shopping rebates, and much more for a low membership fee of only $4.99 per month.

How do we keep the costs down? The Black Wealth Network uses an all-electronic platform (no paper and no mailing means less cost), powered by, Inc. a Registered Investment Adviser and a pioneer in reducing the cost of financial services to deliver financial advice, education and tools that make investing simple and affordable to all.

Please click here for detailed information about our fees.
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Easy To Get Started and Easy To Use
Joining the Black Wealth Network is easy. Simply complete our online member registration form, then link up your bank account for electronic investing. Now, you're ready to start putting money away towards a child's education, a new home or business, a comfortable retirement, or any other goal.

Consider yourself an investing expert? Simply choose an account type and choose from our menu of African American managed mutual funds.

Or if you'd like some assistance, our simple online tools will help you:
  • Determine your investor profile and goals
  • Determine which type of Investment Account makes sense for you
  • Review a list of suitable investment choices based on your profile
  • Setup an Automatic Trades schedule to contribute towards your goals on a regular basis

Our simple interface makes it easy to invest money whenever you want. Simply enter the amount you'd like to invest, confirm the transaction, and the money will be invested right from your bank account. Redeeming (selling) an investment works basically the same way, except that the proceeds will be deposited electronically right into your bank account.

And if you invest in our Managed Allocations of mutual funds, you can feel secure in the knowledge that a Money Manager is actively managing your account.

For a sneak-peek at how easy it is to save and invest once you're a Black Wealth Network member, try our Guided Tour.
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Automatically Invest Weekly/Monthly
One of the best strategies for achieving your financial goals is to practice disciplined, regular investing. Our 'Automatic Trades' feature provides Black Wealth Network members with the discipline they need, by allowing them to schedule automatic investments on a regular basis. For example, you can schedule the system to automatically invest $200 from your bank account each payday (or bi-weekly, monthly or whenever)! And our simple interface makes it easy for you to setup, stop, or modify your Automatic Investments at any time. Investing on a regular basis is the best way to reap the benefits of dollar-cost-averaging and compounding. As a member, you can read up on these concepts in the Black Wealth Network educational areas.
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Professional Advisors and Money Managers
As a member of the Black Wealth Network, you have a wealth of professional resources at your disposal. To assist you with your investment choices, our Money Managers have created an online Assessment Wizard, which helps you to determine your investor profile and suggests an Account Type (Individual, Joint, or Custodial) and an allocation of mutual funds that is deemed suitable for your specific goals. Additionally, Black Wealth Network members may contact our licensed financial advisors by phone, fax, or email to get personalized answers to questions about money and investing.

To simplify the investing process, we offer 'Managed Advisory Allocations' or groups of mutual funds, which are designed to address your unique investor profile and goals. When you invest in these allocations, our professional Money Managers will oversee your investments on your behalf, rebalancing and reallocating them as necessary. These professional Money Managers were specially selected for the Black Wealth Network because of their familiarity with the universe of African American managed mutual funds, and their unique understanding of the needs of the Black investor.

In addition, members receive a monthly newsletter geared for the Black investor, and will have the opportunity to participate in seminars and other local educational events conducted by our Advisors and Money Managers.
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Goal-Oriented Investing
Our investing program is designed to help you to focus on your important long term financial goals such as retirement, your child's college education, or a new home or business. For example, when you set up your investment, we ask you to name that investment after the goal, which it represents, and we provide you with a Savings Calculator to help you determine an appropriate monthly amount to contribute towards that goal. In addition, our online Assessment Wizard will assist you in selecting a suitable mutual fund allocation for a given goal, based on such factors as your time horizon and risk tolerance.
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Educational Content
As a Black Wealth Network member, you'll have full access to our robust Educational areas. These areas put the following relevant, valuable financial information at your disposal:

  • Dozens of articles on money and investing
  • A Savings Calculator to help you estimate the savings needed to reach financial goals
  • An extensive glossary of financial terms
  • Recommended reading, helpful links, and other resources

In addition, each month you'll receive the Black Wealth Network newsletter containing useful information compiled by our team of professional financial advisors.
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Earn Shopping Rebates and Invest Them
Shop online through the nearly 50 merchants in the Black Wealth Network's shopping portal, and you'll be rewarded with cash rebates transferred to your investments. If you do your everyday shopping online through our merchants, the rebates you receive can increase the amount of mutual fund shares you own. Black Wealth Network Shopping is another smart way to contribute towards your financial goals.

Please click here to read more about how your online shopping activity contributes to a unique "circular flow of income".

Please click here to go to the Black Wealth Network shopping portal.
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Gift Services
As a Black Wealth Network member, you'll want to ask all your friends and family to consider giving you a gift that you can really use - a Black Wealth Network Savings Certificate. Anybody can send them to you by simply filling out an online form that takes just minutes to complete. You'll be notified of the monetary gift via email and you can quickly apply the amount towards purchases of mutual fund shares in your existing Black Wealth Network investment account.

You can return the favor by sending Savings Certificates to other Black Wealth Network members. It's quick and easy, and it's the ideal gift for someone saving for a new home, college education, retirement, or for someone planning on starting a new business.
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Dollar Based Investing and Diversification
Dollar-based investing allows you to invest as much or as little as you want without having to worry about purchasing a specific number of mutual fund shares. Let's say ten shares of a mutual fund cost $1200 in total, but you only have $1000 to invest at the moment. No problem! With dollar based investing, you can purchase fractional shares, so you can invest your $1000 and you'll receive as many shares (and fractions of shares) as can be purchased for $1000, based on the share prices for that day. So instead of focusing on numbers of shares and the price of those shares, you can simply focus on the amount you have to invest and how much that amount is growing over time.

Of course, the best way to practice dollar based investing is to use our Automatic Trades feature to schedule a specific dollar amount to be invested on a regular basis, like $200 each payday.

Best of all, the Black Wealth Network has no minimum initial or ongoing investment requirements, so your $1000 can even get you started in a mutual fund that normally has a $2500 minimum! And since, mutual funds are composed of a large number of individual securities, your $1000 investment is naturally diversified.
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